Thursday, December 13, 2007

Money and MPG Rant

So recently Ive been putting thought into the feasibility of this grand photographic road trip of mine. I want to drive from here Washington D.C to Los Angeles shooting happily along the way with by big old camera. One of the expenses Ive tried to figure out is the essential requirement for a road trip gasoline. The figure I came up with around $900. Yeah that is most likely on the low side but still a lot of gasoline. Today i think I paid $35 to fill my tank that hopefully will last more than a week. I have been contemplating getting a new car with better mileage my PT Cruiser is great otherwise but 25 mpg on a good day not so good. So I've been thinking about a Mini, perhaps with the many green programs coming up I can find a grant that will let me buy one almost double the mileage but at least a half less storage. Oh well such is life, hopefully it won't come to traveling across the scorched earth in search of the precious juice. If you haven't watched The Road Warrior so it puts gas prices in perspective.

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