Saturday, November 3, 2007

Where are all the good deer dead in the heart or in the head?

Having recently started a new documentary photo project based in the Northern Virginia area I wondered to myself, why are you photographing a dead deer on Braddock road again? The old project featured a dead dear but that made a little more sense the project was on suburban wildlife; the deer representing a clash between people and the other animals that run around or more specifically the clash between a deer and a car. This new project that I call anthropological landscapes the first shot taken dead deer on Braddock road I just saw it and drove by at first and then realized yeah your going to go back and photograph that aren’t you; and while I was walking toward it that familiar stench of a dead deer on Braddock road hit me again not as bad this time as the last. I was thinking the whole time why are you doing this again what is this supposed to represent other than its all you've found so far to photograph; I don't know all I know is that there is always a dead deer on Braddock road.

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Unknown said...

There are always dead deer on the Toll Road too. I get on in Reston and get off at 123. I take the toll road about twice a month and have yet to make it a round trip without spotting a dead deer.