Thursday, August 30, 2007

Elvis and Me

I took this photograph while in Las Vegas on August 2nd. The Elvis stands on the street and if you give him some money you can take your picture with him. I gave him five dollars he was a good Elvis and the previous day I had won sixty eight dollars on an Elvis penny slot, so five seemed to be a good price for the photograph. I was using a speed graphic the old standard camera of the press. Mine was made in 1953 and had been my father's and possible my uncle's as well. The Elvis was interested in the camera and made a joke that his aunt just through one away out of her attic. I took one exposure and talked a little with the Elvis told him that I am Elvis's fourth cousin-in-law which is true to the best of my knowledge. He immediately asked me if I got any money I told him no and we talked about Lisa Marie and that she had sold most of her interests in Elvis and the Elvis also talked about how there was a fund set up for any of Elvis's illegitimate children should they step forward.

Afterwards I thought to myself I had photographed an Elvis impersonator with the kind of camera that Elvis would have been photographed with. I started to think who is the real impersonator the Elvis on the street or me with the old camera.