Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This Is A Public Service Anouncement WITH GUITARS

Ok this isn’t a public service announcement with or without guitars but I listened to my first pod cast recently. It was This American Life. www..thislife.org/radio_podcast.aspx
The program was all about not letting go it featured stories about a couple people who were bullied in school; a woman who bought a house with a permanent tenant; another woman who thought of a joke and waited several years to be able to use it. The pod cast was about an hour long and the voices were all rather dry; by dry I mean without much effects being used such as a slight reverb to give the voices a little more depth. So you would think an hour of people talking that would get a little boring and it would have save the small touches of other sounds. Music was used sporadically through the pod cast it broke up the otherwise monotonous voices, it did get a little heavy handed between segments the crescendo of the music went a little to high. In the second story where a writer named John R recalled being thrown into a lake during his school years. (For being an arse a schoolmate reported) . The use of street sounds with the dry voice gives the impression that your walking down the street with him to the site of the alleged lake toss.

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